Conference Lugano 17th June

17th Jun 2019
17th Jun 2019
Palazzo dei Congressi

We are hosting a Satellite Symposium at ICML 2019 which will take place on 17th of June at Auditorium, Campus Lugano USI. We require hosts to support the running of the symposium.

Time: 17:00 pm – 20:30 pm

Rate: 90€

Our team will meet hosts at the main conference Palazzo dei Congressi (15-ICML) at 17:15 pm.

The hosts will be required to help:

- direct people from 15-ICML to the Symposium location, USI (Universita della Svizzera Italiana) Lugano Campus

- meet and greet guests and help them find their seats

Dress code: The hosts will be provided with branded t-shirts, please wear your own formal black pants and shoes.

Please apply to event if available and we will get in touch if you are pre-selected.

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